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Thread: Suggestions for Recovery Software?

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    Suggestions for Recovery Software?

    Here's my problem - I was converting a fat32 partition yesterday into an ntfs partition when the power went out and fubar'd the partition. So any hope at salvaging files with the FAT or MFT are more or less totally dead. When I was fumbling around with the backup CD it landed on the floor somehow and I put a chair leg on top of it. It is now also fubar'd. So none ofd the data on the partition is gone, just the FAT. I now need to reconstruct the drive sector-by-sector. Whether it recostructs a FAT of a MFT does not matter. Does anyone know of a reliable open-source utility which is designed to reconstruct drives after a catastrophic failure like this?
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    Good lord that is a bad day! I have had a couple like that myself.

    Sorry, no good advice for you on recovery software, just wanted to
    post and let you know I feel you bro. Hope it works out.
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    Try here Striek ...http://www.newfreeware.com/search.php3?q=fat+recovery R-Studio is one that I like and have had success with. Good luck.
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    Goes to show you, when stuff goes wrong, it goes wrong in bundles...sounds like a bad day at the office for me...lost a raid5 container on the corporate email server once...had to restore it from tape, luckily I didn't run over the tapes.

    What you might want to do is grab another HD if you have one, and install a quick version of Win2k or XP, and install PC File Inspector.

    The cool thing about this program is, it not only looks for logical drives as defined in Windows, but also looks at the physical drive, so even though you may have lost the FAT, it will still look at the raw data, and even give you the chances of recovery (good, poor...etc.)

    Hope this helps you out...and trust me, its happened to the best of us
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    Norton has a low level hardisk editor called "diskedit" You can use it to copy data over sector by sector. There are actually two copys of the fat in fat16 and fat32. If the first one is damaged you copy yhe second one into it's place. Diskedit even has an automated feature for doing that. Another good level disk editor is "tirmitsu" Some like it better than Norton''s diskedit. I do have an old copy of diskedit if you want it. It's so old I don't think the license is an issue. Besides I run all NTFS and inode stuff no anyway so it isn't on any of my systems.
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    yes pcinspector is really among the best

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    hey gizmo.. stop replying and bumping up all these old threads. I'm sure that the issues to which you are replying to are already resolved.. no need to boost your post count by this method, if you want to boost your post count, go spam the non-sensical thread. thanks.

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    I've been playing around with the Active UNDELETE demo, and it seems kind of cool.

    "Active@ UNDELETE is data recovery software used to restore accidentally deleted files and folders located on existing drives, and even on deleted/damaged partitions."

    You can get the demo from www.active-undelete.com/download.htm

    It claims to do data recovery on just about any memory type of device, and you can address devices (hard drives) referenced by devices, not logical volumes (helpful when they're FUBARed).

    Let me know if you use this, and it works!


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    well.. I think Striek probably has fixed his problem by now..

    but since we're bumping up old threads, I may as well throw another freebie recovery utility into the mix..


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    I gotta learn to look at the dates! thanks.

    Geez, whatadork I feel like...

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