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    Log on Failure

    I need a real linux genious for this one :

    When the X boot up screen is displayed, I try to log in as root. I type the password in and get a box that say 'authentication failed'. The weird part about this is, when I type in the wrong pass I get no box, only when I type in the correct pass. Also, I have another user on the same PC, when I type in his password I get the same box.

    What has possibly gone wrong here!? The correct password won't let me into my system. If anyone has had this happen before please dear god help!

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    Has it always done this, and can you log into your normal user account? You shouldn't need to log in as root if you can log in with your normal account, because you can do the su command at the shell. Also, have you edited any conf files lately?

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    yeah, it sounds like you have your pam config misconfigured. Its giving you that box because it passed the user/password check but not some other check like time, or env-vars, or logon-console or something else OR somehow its set in pam to deny on passing a module(really weird). If worst comes to worst, ask a friend with nix to mount your hd and check the files.
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    I sorta know what happened I think. I was messing around earlier with authorization stuff and apperently I tweaked this thing in there that requires my log-on to be verified with and outside source. The source may be like another linux box or something or other. Anyways, I think what needs to be done now is that I need to find a way to edit these modifications that have been made to my authorization file (if there is such a thing). If anyone knows how to perhaps disable this sort of thing please help for god sakes. Thanks again all.

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