I don't know if anyonr has suggested this yet. If they have I still don't mind bring it up again since it hasn't been implemented yet. There are some threads that are mission critical and the Tutorial Index thread. is one. I was wondering if we could make a permanent link to this thread on the main pageor better yet make the Index a separated web page with it's own main page link. Perhaps we could even have a index page of all mission critical threads. I will cross post this suggestion to the site suggestion forum. I am posting it here because that thread doesn't get main page review. I know someone is going to say"Just have the nebies do a search man"
so I'm prepared for flames or negs.
I do think that a page of that sort would be a benifit to the site and increase it's usefulness.

We could have a page filled with nothing except links to mission critical security threads. I love the idea.

What's the consensus?