I have just been reading this months edition of PC Answers and it seems the next generation of HDD's is going to use Soilid State Technology.

They are going to consist of an array of SDRAM modules arranged in a HDD type case.

Expensive i think!!!!!

However much quicker obviously than common HDD's, they are expected to have a seek time of between 50-100 MICROseconds as apposes to the traditional hdd's which have a seek time of around 10 MILLIseconds.

They will obvioulsy need a battery of some kind as memory moduled are very volatile and will need a fan of some sort!

I have a feeling these will definatly be the next gen HDD's especially with the price of memory falling so much, it would definatly be worth paying the extra i feel( within reason though!)

The have a web site at www.pcanswers.com if anyone wants to check the article out.