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Thread: Skype: Talk w/out Long-distance Fees

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    Skype: Talk w/out Long-distance Fees

    Has anyone heard anything about Skype? Has anyone tested Skype?

    Created by the same folks who brought you KaZaA, Skype is a free program allows you to use your computer to voice-connect to anyone, anywhere in the world, without paying long-distance fees.

    Skype uses P2P technology to allow users to connect to each other (not full-duplex unfortuneately).

    For it to work properly, both parties need to install the software, and your PC needs to meet the minimum system requirements.

    For more info and the download link here's the URL:

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    Yeah I have used it, I have it up and running on my Computer right now. It is alright but there are still a couple glitches they need to work out. If I remember correctly it is stil in Beta.

    Though you know you can do the same thing with AIM, right. I am not sure about Yahoo, or Msn. But I know you can with AIM, just click speak to person. And it will call them and you can speak that way.

    Though as far as Skype goes. So far it is Good.

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    Yeah I use skype, Whizkid foced me into it.

    Another program you can use, is TeamSpeak, or RogerWilco. Both free programs that allow you to talk to people. The only differnce between Skype, and the other programs I mentioned, is skype only allows two people to talk while the others let multiple people talk.

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