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Thread: I've been hit!

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    Don't forget that sometimes network devices actually create traffic that may match rules in your firewall. If a rule matches an alarm goes off.
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    Looking at the logs, the address has used a portscan attack twice last night, twice this morning. I bet this guy got to work last night, went to bed, and got back to work this mornin. I doubt its any kind of worm or virii or whatever because they dont get sleepy like mr hacker.
    Same address exactly, i talked got my friends IP's that live on the same floor, and our addresses our ###.###.###.### with the last 3 digits being within 30 of eachother. The hacker is 27 greater than mine.

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    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    And I'd like to add some other advice:

    Please do not publish IP addresses of yourself or those who are bothering you as not everyone that visits AO is ...errr.. shall we say ethical?
    Thanks for the advice but here's my ip:

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    Thanks rmcgoo,

    I am sorry to have to say this, but there "is a rat in the granary" so to speak

    I just had to logically eliminate the "noise" that might be created by the remnant infections of recent worms?

    I would now go to the sysadmins with your logs..........

    Good luck

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