Make your own Linux Graphical Bootsplash
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Thread: Make your own Linux Graphical Bootsplash

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    Lightbulb Make your own Linux Graphical Bootsplash

    Hey there,

    I thought I'd share this with my linux friends, ...
    You can make your own nice graphical bootsplash ( like Suse or Gentoo LiveCD)....

    This is the home of the graphical boot process for the linux kernel although it is not yet a part of the official kernel. It is, however included in several major distributions. If your favorite linux doesn't include this patch in their kernel send them an email requesting it to be included!
    Taken from here

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    Oh awesome. I've always thought about doing that but never took the time to look for it... More penguins for me to play with now.
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    Thats cool, easy to follow instructions as well. Very cool indeed
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    Hey Shrekkie thats pretty kick ass. Excellent finding.

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    That is one of the best things ive seen! thanks for the link.
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    Excellent. My shell will become fashion!

    Thanks Shrekkie
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