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    Sticky Posts

    I've been looking around the forums and i've seen some posts with "Sticky:" before the title...obviously, these stick in the beginning of the forums, but how does a post become sticky? thanks in advance

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    someone with rights i don't have

    they usually make sticky posts for things that are always needed... like FAQ's and Resources...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    i think you have to be the moderator for that particular forum.
    Im sure if you have a post you would like to be made a sticky and the moderator agrees with you they would do it, maybe!
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    yes, on any forums, you have to have the proper authority/access, usually admin/mod, to make a post a sticky. (other various options you can set as an admin/mod are locking a topic, creating polls sometimes are limited access, deleting/moving topics, etc...) If you were a mod you would see an option when you post to click a box, and POOF! Sticky be it =P The only things that normally on occassion become stickys when posted by 'normal users' are really good tutorials, from my experience. As when the msblaster.exe came out, few of the sites I am on had 'regular users' do a write up on what it is, how to remove it, and it was made a Sticky.


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    I think tampabay420 said it best, Sticky's are posts that have ongoing relevance
    that should stay on the boards and proberbly read by all newbs. When someone posts
    a thread that has much needed info or links that is used or searched for alot, that forum
    moderator will make it "sticky", also nokia's point would also apply.

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