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    Clean your HD and all the previously said stuff. I think that it's most likely a virus/trojan/wierd cookie(?) that is downloading something as soon as it has access to the internet. When you connect, kill everything except your one connection and try <Start> - <Run> - <Command> - <netstat> for a list of your current connections and ports. Solution is AV software and a complete wipe of the harddrive. Then install everything while NOT connected to the outside. Check other computers on your network as well pehaps? Last unprobable possability is spywear of some type.

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    I would suggest formatting and reloading entirely. If a virus scanner is not obtaining and info on malicious programming, then it could be spyware, peer to peer, or other means of hard drive activity dealing with an internet connection. I honestly format and reload my computer quite frequently. It's just a way to be sure that no "junk" like that is on my computer. I keep firewalls running, anti-virus up-to-date, etc. If you can afford to format and reload I would do just that, and as was stated earlier use spyware programs, like Ad-Aware.

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