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    Lightbulb Oh my..

    I really can't believe I'm here typing this now.. I had just done a motherboard transfer from a Dell to an ATX case.. Apparently Dell motherboards are proprietary.. So I just skipped switching it back and figured I'd just live without a computer until I got a new motherboard.. Tonight.. I was bored and figured I'd try to put it back together.. And get this.. I am high! I can't believe this thing still works.. And I did all the work on the carpet!.. I am still in shock.. Anyway.. That's my story.

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    Ok then your next step is to go out-side with a megaphone stand on your roof and shout to the world that you've conquered the almighty Dell computers.
    Now once that is done climb back down, and wait for the telephone to ring. Once you have recieved your knew mission rip the phone from the wall and throw it out the back yard as it will selfdestruct in 5 seconds.

    Oh crap wrong thread.

    Nah nice job there man, maybe you could do a tut on how you completed this little project of yours.


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