O.K. I have read some info on changing paging file settings and have
changed the initial size from 768 MB to 512 MB, And max. size from 1536 MB
to 512MB, After reading this
Check the Commit Charge Total (CCT), Commit Charge Peak (CCP), and Physical Memory Total (PMT). If the (CCT) seldom gets close to the (PMT) , setting the Page file equal to the amount of installed RAM with no room for expansion might be reasonable, ( for 512 MB of RAM)
I changed the values then re-booted, opened 8 programs, and used the paint option
in Digital Image Pro, While doing this i watched the task manager performance values,
and using the conversion factor of (1024) to divide kB to MB the values where
CCT: 250000 kB/ 244 MB
PMT: 523760 kB/ 511 MB
CCP: 360000 kB/ 351 MB
With these figures, as the CCT is less than half of the PMT, is it o.k to leave these settings,
The CPU value while using the paint option was 100% while re-setting back to the origonal
image. Is this a strain on my CPU, and does the paging file reduction have an effect on it.

Thanks again for your assistance.. TidaLphasE23.............