hey all.

on my hp computer in the bios section i have settings for my video card.

32mb (auto)

i never play games. i do play dvd's and do some digital image photo work ..i also do a lot of music type multimedia stuff. what would be the best setting for this? does each setting somehow affect my computers performance? why are there 2 settings for the 32mb ... does the auto do something special? by reading some other threads i noticed that a setup (shared) like this one isnt as good. but if i got one of those agp cards, i still dont see anything in my bios settings to allow me to disable the shared feature. i got the latest bios upgrade from hp website (v20). i tried to use google and various other search engines but couldnt find anything specific.

it is a S3 prosavage DDR video card. my computer has 256mb ram, xp home, 1024x768, monitor set at 75hz.

thanks in advance for the help.