I have a dual processor system that keeps freezing after 48-96 hours of uptime regardless of load. Sometimes it will crash which basically idle and I have stress tested it using all of its ram/swap/cpu for +12 hours and it ran stable, only to crash randomly later.

I have tried tried Windows 2003 Server, Linux (kernel 2.4.22), and QNX 6.2.1 and the symptoms are the same on all three so obviously this is a hardware issue.

The confusing thing is that the system doesn't reboot, it merely freezes until it is rebooted manually and to be honest, the crashing is annoying, but it would be bareable if it just rebooted.

The system board uses the 440LX chipset and is running two pentium 2 xeon 450mhz processors with 640mb of ram. Two scsi drives share the first channel.

I am really at a loss for what to start swapping because any previous time I've had hardware issues the system just rebooted.

thanks in advance. (please ask if you have any further system specification questions)