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Thread: Windows to LInux (Samba) printing

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    Windows to LInux (Samba) printing

    Hey All,

    Heres the deal :

    Computer A (WINDOWS XP) : hp office jet 6110 all-in-one printer hooked to it via USB. Shares the printer with all users over the network.

    Computer B (RH 9.0) : On same network. Able to connect to Comp A via SAMBA. Can see the office jet but cannot 'communicate' with it. I've got this new linux driver for my specific model but is hard to install when I cant talk to the printer. If anyone has delt with a similar situation don't hesitate to post.

    Problem : Comp. B can't print though Comp. A likely due to some SAMBA error (perhaps not). HELP.

    Thanks all.

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    I am not sure if this will help, because I am not sure what you did to configure it.

    If you have a printer attached to a RH box, and want to print to it from a Windoz box, you would set up the printer to be shared through SAMBA. ( SAMBA using the SMB or Server Message Block protocol ).

    But you have a printer on a Windoz box which you want to share with RH. I believe this should be set up through CUPS ( Common UNIX Printing System ) which is now the default on RH 9.

    Did you check out section " 27.4. Adding a Samba (SMB) Printer " of the " Red Hat Linux Customization Guide " ?

    ( if you did not install the documentation it can be found here at Red Hat )
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    Yes, this is correct. You need to use CUPS, however, there is a small trick to setting this up. You need to do two things in order to begin using the printer. I *think* I had to set LPR to localhost, then do the CUPS config. Then again, I was using RH 7.1 at the time so things may have changed.

    I wrote a doc on this about 2 years ago. I'll dig it out and post it for you.
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    Yes, use CUPS(common Unix printing system). I had the same setup sometime past and used CUPS, it may require some expermentation and adjustments,. but it will do what you want.

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    I'm having the same problem with nearly the same printer and setup. If you fix it please post how you did it. Also could someone post some links to few good tutorials on the subject of setting up samba i can seem to do it

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    Couldn't you just go to LinNeighborhood (the network manager for Mandrake, I don't know what redhat has) and just mount the shared printer?

    If not, CUPS should scan the network for all available printer shares. Then the config wizard should more or less fix everything else.

    Add on:

    On another forum I was on a friend told me to add this

    Cups has an http interface. First ensure that the cups daemon is running by becoming root, and typing cupsd. Then you can go here: localhost:631/admin and configure printers to your hearts conten
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