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    For a long time I have worked in development....the other side of the track from infrastructure support (sysadmin)?

    As this thread seems to have come to an end, I hope that I might use it for a few personal observations?

    It is getting close to Christmas (a major Christian festival, also recognised in Islaam)

    SYSADMIN (male of the species)

    1. Jack Daniels
    2. The McALLAN
    3. Laphroaig
    4. Talisker
    5. Michelob (or similar)

    SYSADMIN (female of the species)

    1. Joie de Jean Patou
    2. Estee Lauder
    3. Chanel #9 (not#5.....that is for my age group!)
    4. Belgian hand made chocolates
    5. A "red car"

    You will find strange things happen?............they moved all your rubbish, sorry, I meant "neatly filed documentation", to make room for the 21" monitor............the machine boots slower because it now has to check 512Mb, instead of the standard 128?

    We are all people...........we are IT............we will "hang together, or most assuredly hang separately"

    It is the season of goodwill folks.............buy your sysadmin a beer

    Just my perverted viewpoint


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    Hahahahaha. Quite funny. You could have the require password setting/script. And then everynight when you leave audit their passwords. If it becomes cracked, ask them to change it, if it happens a second time ask, and if it happens a third time, change their password to some obscure password that's 20 chars long. Or have a script that audits, then automatically replaces weak passwords with virgin, strong passwords.

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