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Thread: DON'T ask me to hack with you...

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    DON'T ask me to hack with you...

    It's no secret that many of us get PMs asking to assist in or join a hacking group. Lately though, I have gotten a lot more of these SPAM PMs asking me to join in haxoring, etc.

    I know I speak for others when I say the following:

    DON'T ASK AO MEMBERS TO JOIN YOUR HACKING GROUP. No one here will, so stop wasting everyone's time.

    Here is why I wont join:
    1) By asking me to "join" you in hacking, what you're really saying is show me how because I can't understand it or I'm too lazy to learn on my own.

    2) By using the term "hacking" to describe what we do suggests that you are a lamer who identifies with mainstream media definitions. The proper term is attacker but that's another topic. Bottom line is that when you say this, you immediately alert me that you are limited mental capacity.

    3) I know precisely what I'm doing. What possible benefit could come from joining your group?

    4) AO isn't about hacking other sites or hotmail, etc.. Please read the home page when joining. I clearly states that this is a *security site*.

    --Rant over, soapbox dismounted.

    Our scars have the power to remind us that our past was real. -- Hannibal Lecter.
    Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. -- John Wooden

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    Hoss: Do I take it that's a "NO"?.........
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
    \"A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools.\" - Thucydides

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    I dont get those kind of PMs, now I feel stupid I never even knew people were stupid enough to ask people to do that. I suppose the "l337" groups like CDC and such ask people to join, but they wouldnt be here, would they....?
    Oh well, I cant hack. Hey Horse, can I get some lessons

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    h1 1'm 4 57up1d l337 h4ck3r j01n my gr0up 4nd b3 l337 h4ck3rs l1k3 m3 0r 1ll h4ck y0ur c0mp 4nd pu7 5ub7 0n 17!!!
    \"Look, Doc, I spent last Tuesday watching fibers on my carpet. And the whole time I was watching my carpet, I was worrying that I, I might vomit. And the whole time, I was thinking, \"I\'m a grown man. I should know what goes on my head.\" And the more I thought about it... the more I realized that I should just blow my brains out and end it all. But then I thought, well, if I thought more about blowing my brains out... I start worrying about what that was going to do to my goddamn carpet. Okay, so, ah-he, that was a GOOD day, Doc. And, and I just want you to give me some pills and let me get on with my life. \" -Roy Waller

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    Nobody ever invites me either. :-(

    Maybe these haxorz don't invite everyone. Maybe you're just [glowpurple]mega-uber[/glowpurple].

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    Awww nobody thinks i'm 3l33t
    Creating further mindless stupidity....through mindless automation.

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    Cool w0000t

    Originally posted here by disc0rd
    Awww nobody thinks i'm 3l33t
    You got that right..
    I didn't get an invite either, but I'd make it:

    w000000t nobody think's I'm 31337 !!
    (translation: thank whatever spiritual guidance, I'm not seen as a script kiddy !!)
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
    When in Russia, pet a PETSCII.

    Get your ass over to SLAYRadio the best station for C64 Remixes !

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    oh well they don't think im l33t either.. Oh well they better watchout for port 27374 har har har har
    "Serenity is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it."

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    no invites for me
    i am here just want to know more what security mean for anykind of people
    and compare text book content with the reality ..

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    They like Zonewalkers Uber L33T PR0n though !!

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