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Thread: Everybody Meet HAL on Crack

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    Everybody Meet HAL on Crack

    If you want to blow your mind go give this a look--> http://www.es.jamstec.go.jp/esc/eng/index.html

    It is called the Earth Simulator and it is the fastest computer in the world. It runs at 35.86 TeraFlops...

    That system is 1337.

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    OMG! I drooled on my monitor over that picture...
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    wow... just.. wow..

    hardware system configuration > http://www.es.jamstec.go.jp/esc/eng/...re/system.html

    The ES is a highly parallel vector supercomputer system of the distributed-memory type, and consisted of 640 processor nodes (PNs) connected by 640x640 single-stage crossbar switches. Each PN is a system with a shared memory, consisting of 8 vector-type arithmetic processors (APs), a 16-GB main memory system (MS), a remote access control unit (RCU), and an I/O processor. The peak performance of each AP is 8Gflops. The ES as a whole thus consists of 5120 APs with 10 TB of main memory and the theoretical performance of 40Tflops
    I'm asking Santa Claus if I can have this for Xmas

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    /me ceases to exist

    I sure wish I could play with that computer for a year!!! or even a day.

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    I don't think my heart could take it!

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    The operating system running on ES is an enhanced version of NEC's UNIX-based OS called "SUPER-UX" that is developed for NEC's SX Series supercomputers.
    well there goes my theory that they needed all the processing power just to get ME to run for 20mins without crashing


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