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Thread: AO Account saved on network?

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    AO Account saved on network?

    Well lets see here, where do i start. I visit AO amlost daily on my school's computers and today i noticed when i visited the URL of AO i was already logged in. My friends, Limpster, visited AO and was also logged on under me. We booted up another computer and went to Ao and that was also logged on under my account. I do not find this fun at all. I would like to know what is up with this?

    Also when limpster logged onto his account he was able to post under his name but it still showed him as logged under my account.

    Lol, i found this interesting and thought it was worth posting on AO.
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    What could have happened is your shcools network uses on roaming profile for the entire student body logon. If everyone logs on the same exact students account, it is most likely going to cause that problem. But thats only if they are using one roaming profile.
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    I think I may know what is happening in the edit site options there is a option that will log you in automatically I would check and see if the yes option is selected.
    if it is I would select no and save the changes that should stop it from logging you in automatically

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    I'm going to have to side with EaseZE here. It most likely has to do with roaming profiles all sharing the same web/cookie cache.

    Or... the proxy is doing it... but I've never had a problem with any of my proxies doing that... at work, home or school...

    Like DeadAddict suggested... I would edit your site options and then login manually everywhere. To logout, simply click the logout button. If they are all sharing the same cache, then that should expire that cookie (or however AO does their autologin).

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