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Thread: Racism (read with caution)

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    Racism (read with caution)

    Alright, before reading on I did not write this article to offend anyone or to hurt anyones feelings. I am simply posting this thread to express my views and hear others.

    The Topic: Racism

    This was inspired by reading the Rush L. thread I thought about racism. I would first like to give you all a little background information on me. I am a middle to higher class white male I have 12 brothers and sister 5 of which are adopted from other countries (4 from russia, 1 from china) I love them all. Sure they may have different blood in them but they are my family I would give my life for any of them. The reason for this is because I feel all men are equal I have always treated any person reguardless of color, height, shape of eyes, muscle build or whatever other thing that makes us individuals.

    With that being said I get very upset when african americans feel they are being repressed. I am just as much as an immagrant as them. My great-grandparents came over on a big boat. Neither side was given handouts they had to work their fingers to the bones my grandpa was 13 when he was kicked out of his house and told to make it on his own. I know some 'colored' people feel as though the "white man" is trying to hold them down but just look at all the colored people that have succeded MJ, George Foreman, Gary Coleman (woops..haha) But you get my point. I am not saying that their is now racism but people need to 'let it go' why are we so politically correct why aren't we allowed stating something...All men are equal so when are we going to talk like it. If a colored announcer said the white guy can't jump no-one would say anything but you mention something about color and **** flies.

    Just wanted to get that out.
    (sorry for typos)

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    Racism undoubtedly exists in a lot of situations in the western world.

    However, a lot of African countries are quite happy to use this as an excuse for their policies.
    Let's take Zimbabwe as an example. It has gone from being the 'bread basket' of Africa (about 4 years ago) - i.e. exporting large amounts of grain, to being completely dependent on food aid from overseas.

    The reason for this is simple, in that there is a very corrupt leader (Mugabwe) who is being actively supported by South Africa, because he doesn't want any white people running farms in the country. If that isn't racist, I don't know what is !!

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    /me sits back and contiplates getting mad.

    I am still thinking about if I am going to get mad or not. I will say this much.
    Adiz you might want to pick up a book before you open your mouth. You really.


    I am really annoyed right now.

    BTW what part of Ohio are you from?
    I am really really really getting annoyed I am going to hold my opinion for a sec. before I say anything. I will let you say something else and then if need be I will do one of my extremely long explanations.

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    I am really annoyed right now.

    I can't help you with that. I am not at all saying racism is good I dislike it, all I am saying is we no longer have slaves. I have friends who have lost jobs because the company needed a good balance of workers. However he was 10 times more qualified than the person replacing him. So please whizkid enlighten me, I am not sure why I
    I am still thinking about if I am going to get mad or not. I will say this much. Adiz you might want to pick up a book before you open your mouth.
    Dude I live in Cleveland and no, I am not surrounded by corn and know I am not some crazy white power friek. All I am saying is that everyone is equal so why don't we all start acting like it. You got something to say post it. I am not trying to hurt peoples feeling I am stating my opinion. Every man for himself, I have colored friends and they work hard and get far I just don't like people saying they are being held back.

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    Racism has its place, anyone who disagrees is either selling something, plain stubborn, or not living in the real world. The term is what makes it derogatory, but all it is is drawing conclusions based on a laaaaaaaaaarge % of what is *typical* of a certain kind of person. You do this every day, meaning to or not, you look @ someone, you have zillions of preconceived thoughts about him/her for a reason. There are many acceptions, and depending on the situation, you should open your eyes -- but one day, we may find out that certain 'people' are better suited to do certain things, it's in the genes...


    Edit: Everyone is not equal....

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    Adiz you are really pushing buttons here buddy. I don't talk in Cosmos as much as I used to because I got in a really really big arguement with someone once, hopefully this doesn't turn into that.

    First I never a Cornfed. I was more going to say other things, but I shall hold those back. Now what part of Cleveland. I know the entire city like the back of my hand. I live in DC, I am born and raised in Cleveland. Now I got a question what Highschool are you from.

    Now you can testify that you know friends that have lost there jobs becuase the Company had to even out. Well let's take that first "How the hell do you know that your friend isn't just feeding you some BS?" I mean come on, if I lose my job I am going to find a reason. I want an excuse.

    Now as for there being no reason for people ot believe that Racism is strong. You need to be slapped for that seriously you, do. Hum...
    Here we go I will use your own city. I went to Glenville, MLK. Guess what when I did I was treated specail. Buy what, Teachers.

    I really don't want to continue if I do. I am going to say alot of really rude thing, and I am going come out like an *******.

    Ok... I got something for you just to get you to think. When was the last time you got pulled over, and then when was the time before then.

    Last time I got pulled over was yesterday, time before that. the week before. Oh and it has nothing to do with the way I drive at both times. I was actually not driving like an idiot.

    You have no idea the things running through, my head right now. You have no idea. How about you go pick up a couple books.

    Let me put it like this. You should re-think your own statement.

    I got a couple questions for you though. First what part of Cleveland or are you from a Subarb and just say Cleveland for the hell of it.

    Second how old are you?

    Third Where were you born at?

    Fourth What do you think about Mix marraiges?

    If you are wondering why I am asking you these questions that is easy. I think you are racist against blacks. That is the honest truth. How can I kind of tell. Well each region has words that are known for to it. That all the locals all the people from that area say. As in North Pop and South Soda.

    Well it is more common for someone in the South to say Colored, and someone in the North to just say black. Now there is an exception to this rule. But I won't go over it now. But I honestly think you are racist. With out any doubt, you have some deep seeded beliefs that are hiding. Or may be present. But you don't like blacks. IMHO

    But you never know. I could be wrong.

    Hey I got another question for ya. What how many Black friends do you have. Oh and don't include people that just work with you.

    /me sits and waits.

    /me states that he also has AIM.

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    Racism is learned behaviour.

    No one is born a racist.

    The real question is how do we stop teaching our children to be racsist, because society has done a piss poor job of it so far.

    It doesn't matter where you are from, suberbs or otherhise.
    It doesn't matter how old you are.
    It doesn't matter what you think about mixed marriages.

    None of these things make you a racist or not.

    Flame wars, generalisations, stereotypes all promote racism by passing on the behaviour to others.


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    The point I was trying to make is that it is a serious problem when the majority tribe, political group (whatever you want to call it), starts ganging up and inflicting violence on a minority.
    Especially when they are encouraged to do so by the government, police and army, as in Zimbabwe, something which doesn't tend to be the case in Europe.

    Of course, on the other side of the coin Europe isn't perfect, but I would find it incredible to assume that the majority of our politicians, police, & army would condone this sort of behaviour. Of course, there are a few rotten apples, but that is not the same thing at all.

    I find the PC attitude to some aspects of this very alarming.
    I have several freinds who I am happy to describe as 'black', 'coloured', 'mixed race', 'Chinese', or whatever.
    I am also quite happy for them to describe me as 'white' to their freinds.
    These are not terms of abuse in todays world, merely a statement of fact.

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    Whizkid - I am not racist in anyway, I have african american (woops am I using that wrong whiz) friends of my own. I don't care what color someone's skin is and if you read my first post then you will realize my family is mixed. I agree that there still is racism but what my point was we gotta stop living like it, yes I feel we are all equal and it we should be treated that way (Whiz - this isn't being racist it is being fair).

    I am not going to dignify your questions with and answer, but I am from the Cleveland area I have african american neighbors and I do not feel that they are at all inferior I do however feel that we need to make it an even playing field.

    I am not saying that there is no racism, I am strictly stating that since we are all immagrant lets act like it. I have met only one person in my life time who was actually from pure american indian blood. Hard to find in a regular place. So, yes, I am admitting to being a mutt. I have three different nationalities in me. However I am proud to be an american and I feel that we should let our strands of hatred go but with that even the playing field so that all men are truely equal.

    Actually I have 4 close black (not derogatory) friends. People I can call up on the celly and hang out with. But whiz, this obviously strung a cord but trying to make fun of my intellect is not going to make me look bad. Reading a book on racism is not going to help me better understand it. I was simply stating something I saw. I truly feel all men are equal (in my mind). Example: When I do an interview I first do one on the phone so as to not initially judge anyone on their appearance. I hate the idea of racism and for someone to get harassed because of something as small as pigment? Come on we min-as-well be neanderthuls.

    Whizkid - I am not a racist in my line of work I am continually working with kids from different countries with different backgrounds and I don't see color I see a person for who they are.

    (Sorry for any typos that may have occured)

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    dont have time o read the whole thread now ..go to go to my next class.. i just want to say

    adic u call blacks "colored" i know only racist peple called them colored and not black ....
    and also if you watch TV you will see that there is a lot of racism going ..may sitcoms have only black actors and what about BET (blck entaertainment television ?

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