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Thread: SMBDIE.exe help

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    SMBDIE.exe help

    I am a mid-evel securities person at a new company and the head sec admin gave me a challenge that I cannot figure out.

    The challenge is how to use smbdie.exe on a win cmd prompt. I know that going from linux to windoze it works, but I can't get it to go on the cmd prompt. I tried everything from "start smbdie.exe" (without quotes) to "start net" and "open" (without quotes). I am really frustrated with this because I pride myself on the security in our company and if some of the programmers or what not created a batch file with this and let it loose on the domain, it might not be to fun. And yes, if they could they will.

    Any help would be great!!! Thanx

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    You mentioned linux, of which I know not much of anything, so if I'm misunderstanding you disregard my post. As far as I know, smbdie.exe is just an exploit of M$'s SMB protocol? (unpatched machine [winblows 5.0 kernel ++/NT] w/netbios enabled (139/445) is easily crashed) WinNuke...

    What I guess I'm trying to say is I don't get your question, maybe it's late ... is all you want to do is know how to launch the .exe from DOS? (I know this can't be it..given your level of computer knowledge...maybe I need another Pepsi before I reread it? lol)


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    Are you asking us how to use SMBDIE?

    Is this an attempt at social engineering?

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    I am a mid-evel securities person at a new company and the head sec admin gave me a challenge that I cannot figure out.
    Apparently, you are a beginner.

    SMBDIE is an old exploit. Even if you get the syntax, chances are you are not going to have much luck.
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