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Thread: VMWare freezes on lilo

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    Question VMWare freezes on lilo

    Hey there,

    Well , I have hda on ide0 with win XP and gentoo on hdc3 (/boot hdc1 and swap hdc2).
    I have LILO as bootloader which works just fine in normal circumstances.

    Anyway, I installed VMware workstation on my gentoo and made a virtual machine to the HD where XP is.
    VMware recognizes the partitions and hd where xp is, but when i start the virtual machine it tries to boot, but i get the error " E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 E1 ...."
    when it comes to the lilo. After that it freezes ...

    Anyone of you uber-d00dz have a solution ?
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    Have a look at this - it may help


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    Have you tried Connectix Virtual PC? I always seem to have problems with VMware, especially with Linux as a guest. The main difference at present is that Connectix does not have USB support, also it is now a Microsoft product. Eagerly awaiting the Server version
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