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Thread: need help visual basic mafia game

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    need help visual basic mafia game

    ok heres what it is i play an oline mafia game at in the game you earn money by robbing shops every three minutes ,could someone help me write a program that would do it every three minutes for me ,or could someone give me some help at least .

    i use visual studio .net

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    I think that would spoil the game for everyone else. The whole purpose of it is to play it yourself
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    You don't read well do you?

    This is a security site...... That means we don't do things that are wrong/illegal.

    While this request of yours may not do anyone any harm per se, it is quite clearly not the right thing to be doing.

    If you are too inept/incompetent /inadequate to play this game well the you need to practice and play more...... But that will probably be of further detriment to your studies......

    Go and learn how to program it for yourself, though I get the feeling that by the time you have accomplished it you will be too old to be playing the game anyway......
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    Well, if he/she learns something from it... Personally I do not consider it "not the right thing to do" because it is like MUDing with triggers and such. Either way, learn something that you can apply other stuff.

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    Look for a trial copy of rational visual test, silk performer by segue, other web automation tools, or look into libwww (aka LWP) for perl or automating internet explorer with visual basic. All of these can be used to do what you are asking and it isn't incredibly difficult.
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