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Thread: LEGIT Question--Tracking utility or screen capture.

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    Lightbulb LEGIT Question--Tracking utility or screen capture.

    Hi. this is a legit post. Im not asking for a troyan or any backdoor such as Sub 7 or anithing like that.

    My cousin has a CiberCafe and he has 2 employees, and lately money has been missing of the cash register and he has checked in exel with the undo botton and has seen the changes made. But he doesn't have other prove that they have been stealling from him that's why he whants something that would keep time. The time is keep in a Exel spread Sheet. the machine that i needthe app for is just used for that to keep track, it is connected to the network but the only used that is has is keep track of time.

    I would like to know if the irs a saftware that can keep track of Exel events, changes and that keeps time. Or afeature in exels that alows you to see the changes that have been made other that the Un Do Botton.

    Or a software that could be installed on a machine that takes a pic of the screen every # of seconds and saves it in a folder.

    It doesn't matter if they work from a remote computer or just in the local one.

    Or anyother suggestions iwould really apreciate them? ? ?

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    How about a camera (CCTV) to monitor employee activity? I could be used just as well for theft-prevention from outside parties as well.

    There are some legit remote control apps out there. What OS is being used and do the employees even need access to the Excel spreadsheet?
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    In Excel, look under "Tools" -> "Track Changes". There may be something there to help you.


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    thanks for the fast reply,
    MsMittens right now he can't affort cameras, and since they don't have a lot of knowledge with computers they use Exel to keep track of what machine is in use from what time to what time and who much do they charge, That machine is running Win 98se.

    DjM we tried that already, but it doesn't show the time that the change was made. since the employees work at diferent hours we need to know who is stealing. one works from 9 to 3 theother one form 3 to 9.

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