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    Exclamation help

    Hello all...
    i got a problem with a computer. A friend of mine bumped it over, and it appearantly hurt teh HD. whne it coems up it goes to the Win load rutine, but then it comes up with a message: "Error data raeding from hard disk: Abort, Retry, Fail?"
    i checked the connectors fromt eh HD to the motherboard, and also got into setup but couldnt find anything to diagnose the problem.
    If you could suggest any way to fix this, I would be very grateful
    thank you for your time

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    have you tryed putiong in a nuther hard drive to see if it can read that one?
    if not try ripping out your friends HD and put it in to your pc.
    or there may be a problem with one of the cables linking the HD to the Motherboard.
    so try swoping cables..

    *Oi dood there wouldnt be any problem with the mother board would there???*


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    What is the OS? Version? SP?
    What type of hardware and MB?

    Have you backued up recently?

    Of course you probably already shut the system down and tried to power-up again. Power off for at least 10 seconds then power up again?

    Check the BIOS that the HD is set to bootup first

    To get your data...

    I might suggest that you demote your current "master" HD to slave and place another HD in service as Master drive to retrieve data.

    It seems odd that just a "bumb" would cause such trouble. Mayabe a SMASH or hard hit to case?

    Good luck

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    Have you tried using a "clean" boot disk ? If not, try it, and post output, and we can take it from there
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    Lightbulb thanx

    thanks a lot guys.....i will try ur suggestions....
    u've been very helpful.....

    adios 4 now

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    try booting up with a bootdisk..

    then type "fdisk /mbr" to restore the master boot record

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    the fact is simple the hard disk crashed n the worst part is u can't do a damn thin about iteven if the above thins work they 'lll only be temporary and after a sudden power intrrupt u'll have the same old problem so

    vat i suggest is do the above said tricks as suggested by sumdumguy jm459 etc save ur data to a cd or som thin like that and buy a new hard disk

    thats it the old hard disk is a guest for a few days kiss it good bye!!

    belive me i am at a cyber cafe for nothin i too had the same problem and it got right al right but after a few start ups same problem

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    You have some pretty good advice. After you have done that I would boot from an installation/ recovery disk and run scandisk with autofix errors checked and surface scan on. Set the advanced settings to give you a report/log.

    This will show you the extent of damage to your HDD and will perform some data recovery that will make tranferring it to a new HDD much easier.

    As it will have "repaired" the bad clusters (marked them as unavailable), you will have a better chance of the HDD running for long enough to do a decent recovery.

    Follow Nightfall's Girl's advice, and make sure that all cables and components are firmly connected/seated first. It may just be a connection.

    Good luck

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    My suggestion is that you insert another disk and install windows on it!
    Boot up the new os and copy the files u need (sounds possible since the disk can load up some files at the start! Belive it isnt severly damaged)

    When u done that, format the disk and se if its ok.
    Scan the hd with scandisk(sux) or another program thats better!

    Then install windows on it and copy things back.

    Its simple but it might work and you dont need to run diagnosis test on the hd to realize its broken.

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    try this: make sure the jumper on the back of the HD is still there. Some HD need a jumper to be booted. If thats not the case, i'd defenitely look at the excellent suggestions mentioned above.

    Good Luck
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