Though White_Eskimo made it clear that he was more worried about speed on such a trivial issue.
listen i am just some 15 year old kid who writes lame programs that do lame stuff and all that matters to me while programming is style and efficiency...thats all that i care about. However, if you were to write some huge program, i think that it is important that the program not only gets the job done, but gets it done quickly and efficiently (sp?). Anyways, if you write programs that run really slowly or games that take forever to run, i believe that none of your users are going to be happy and no one is going to want to use your product.

You can argue with me all day that there will be always a need for assembly and low level C optimizations.
Amen. the only programming language i kinda know is C++ and it is pretty low leveled. low level programming languages run a lot faster and are great for writing operating systems or programs that are low leveled such as databases.