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Thread: Dos Everywhere

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    Dos Everywhere

    For everyone here who thought that Microsoft made the only version of DOS:


    Time to get me an old system and have 16 different bootable versions of DOS!

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    Go for it!!!!

    Caldera DOS is still used by Western Digital to install their HDDs?

    If it takes off,

    maybe we could start a KazDOS site?...there are a lot more than 16 versions

    Cheers, nice post

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    give freedos a try. its allot more than ms-dos ever was with ports of unix utils
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    I was a huge fan of DR-DOS before Novell bought out the original company and screwed up the OS. Caldera salvaged it and kept it alive, thankfully.

    Yes, well, maybe this thread should be a discussion of just what one could do with a solid, dependable version of DOS these days.

    I can still go back and program databases in the old Turbo Pascal, with a reasonably graphic front end, and a fast index. Still have the install media. Problem is, does anyone want that, and would they pay me for it? Hell, I couldn't get folks to pay me for my time back then.

    Might be fun, though.

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    I have a 386 compaq laptop (a VERY early laptop) and i programmed on qbasic, had lotus installed and did spreadsheet work on it, had wolfenstein 3d, Chess, Moria, and some other old games. And I even got a mouse running on it. That thing has a 16 mb hardrive and it weighs about 5 pounds.

    On that note, if anyone out there or in here has any Dos releases (installs, isos, floppies, etc...) I would love to have a copy them. I salvaged a system recently ( 200mhz 64mb ram) that I want to set up a dos multi boot on. Help would be much apreciated!
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