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    Dig In to the...

    I am going to dig into the knowledge here. Aight, here is my dilemma.

    I have created a portal for specified users. Along with that each user will have a specialized screen just for them. Inside this portal I want a specific user (captain) to be able to type information into a form and have it display in the format I specific.

    Captain Logs On

    Captain Type Information onto form

    Information is stored into a database (don't know what type of DB I am using probably SQL or Access it really doesn't matter to me)

    Then I want the information to display in a unsecured specified page in a specified cell under a specified section with certain coloring and text attributes.

    I have the login all done and the form and database complete and I am googling to find my own answer but I was wondering if anyone knew (I am sure you all do)


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    ummm, what language are you using...

    PHP would be easy, check out www.codewalkers.com or www.phpfreaks.com for a tutorial on a database driven news system, it is really easy, and where I started with PHP and mySQL...

    It won't be exactly what you want, but the general ground stuff is there so it is really easy to adapt to what you need.

    If a DB is gonna make things too difficult, I'm sure that you can find somthing driven off of a plain-old text file.

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    thanks man anti-points ^

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    Well, for this to be completly custom, as it appears you want it to be, you will need to plan out a database schema very carefully. In the database you will need to store certain pieces of information associated with captains identifier in the database.

    The information he submits will be stored in the database under a certain table. Maybe an attributes table. Here is an example of what your database schema (structure) may look like:

    Users(userID, username, password)
    Attributes(attribID, userID, textcolor, bgcolor, cellheight, cellwidth, etc, etc)

    Now once a user logs in, your programming should query the attributes table based on the userID, and then it will find all the attributes your user has specified.

    That should get your mind going a bit.


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