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Thread: Spoofing ip

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    Unhappy Spoofing ip

    I am on dialup ..can someone tell me how to send packets from a spoofed ip address...i understand spoofing just now how do i send packets to a person with my ip spoofed..either a active or inactive ip ... .ty.

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    Several questions:

    1. Why do you want to?
    2. How do you plan to get responses from those packets?
    3. Have you actually thought this out at all?


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    I don't think you fully understand spoofing. If you did you would understand it is one of the easiest things to do. Just like Slarty mentioned, you are not going to get any responses back from whatever you are trying to send traffic to. Also you didn't mention what operating system you are running. Which leads me to believe it is some flavor of Windows, but that is important thing to mention when asking how to do something.
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    spoofing packets requires raw socket support so your os is very important
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    You could try reading past theads at the bottom of this one in the Similar Threads box.

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    ipo spoofing

    Im on Windows Me ...im thinking windows me doesnt support raw sockets? ....and no i dont expect to recieve any response dude ima ctually trying something..i know wut i am doing halfway...

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    Full TCP/IP socket support. In old versions of Windows 95, 98, and Me they did not have this built-in functionality but I beleave it's been in NT, 2k, & XP. If you knew what your talking about or what your trying to do (half-way) then why the hell do you need our help?

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    You are attracting negative responses because you have not been "open"

    I am guessing that you either want to play a joke on someone, or respond to a joke that has been played on you?

    If you give us more details, we might be able/inclined to help you. At least we could advise you how to do it without causing any harm.

    I once made a very big mistake in this area...............I had a friend in the Diplomatic Service of a "foreign nation"..............one Saturday morning we logged into his motherland's computer systems...........and my target was flagged as not having completed his military service.........he was bragging about all the "freebies" he was going to get from his employer.

    It was three months before we could delete the records we had created.........THAT TAUGHT ME A LESSON.

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