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Thread: xp encryption

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    xp encryption

    which encryption program works well with xp?
    pgp seems to have trouble here,even when I run it 95 compatible.
    any sugestions for something better?

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    Well, XP has its own encryption... you can always use that.

    Or... if you don't trust it... use something else.

    I don't have any problems using pgp on my XP Pro SP1 box.

    http://www.pgpi.org/cgi/download.cgi...eeware602i.exe is the exact version I use...
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    I have PGP and I like it. Also, quite secure. Just look at their website and check out the challenges that have not been cracked. Use 1024 or 2048 bit encryption

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    The only version of PGP I could get to work properly on XP is 8.0.2 (no compatibility mode). If you want to use PGP, try to get an upgrade or that version....Good Luck.
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    I have 8.0.2 and it works fine with XP, maybe the newer versions will as well.

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