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    Unhappy help with old laptop

    i have a very very old laptop (94, maybe 95?) which has a cracked screen. this wouldnt bother me, but i can't see anytning on the screen anymore. when i tried to take the screen part off,i came off easily, and it seems like there is a slot where you put the screen insert in. the screen is a 9 inch versa (or maybe NEC, theyre both on the piece i really don't know) does any1 know where i could buy another one, or if there is absolutely no way to fix it, someway of transfering the data from the hard drive (or the hard drive itself?) to another computer...for more info see the attached pictures...thanks in advance


    [edit] i cant attach all the pics so ill just attach the one of the screen piece, PM me if you need more and i'll email them to you [/edit]
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    You could try buying a dead laptop and using the screen, its a gamble because even thought they might seem identical on the outside, internal parts that could be important to the screen coule be different.
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    Phew, thats nasty...Syini666 is right though, you could try buying a dead laptop. Although trying to get the exact same display is quite difficult, especially on the older ones. It comes to a point with old computer equipment, where you take it apart, and no matter what you do, its just not going to work because its so old. Its kind of like when you start messing with an old car, it never works right again if you keep the same parts.

    I would try throwin that hard drive in another laptop if you got one, and transferring the data. I'm thinking that you'd be able to get an adapter to read that HD say if you were going from an NEC, to Dell for example, or whatever.

    Hope this helps you
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    This looks like a job for eBay. Check eBay or other auction sites for similar laptops. Chances are you can get a close match for cheap. That's where I would start. Assuming, of course, that you want to keep this particular system working, rather than just replace the whole thing.

    To transfer the data, you can use a null-modem cable on the serial port, or use a parallel transfer cable (Travelling Software used to include those in LapLink).

    With the null-modem cable, you can use a floppy/DOS boot on each machine and set up the transfers across the serial ports. I've had successes with this, and dismal failures. Be prepared to try more than one strategy.

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    Huh i got the same model Laptop.
    Have fun tryin to find parts for it, there as rare as anything.......

    And you can transfer the contents to the Hard-drive, you just gotta change the Pins on the circuit board..

    But it's a hard job, maybe consult an Electrician or someone whom knows about Electronics, and you can usually pick up the right cord to plug onto your Pc Hard Disk to transfer the contents..

    Hope this helps cheers......

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    like rapier said,
    go to ebay first and see if you can find a dead lappy or a screen that would work on your lappy, failing that, there are some of those external hard drive racks that you can hook up to a computa with a USB cable that work with laptop hard drives (assuming your drive is a small 2.5 inch one), just plug the drive in, hook it up thru USB cable to another pc, grab ya data and you should be ok

    also, if the laptop has a lan card in it, you could fire it up, get yourself logged in without the screen (thats pretty easy, ive done it before myself) and if you have the data shared you could grab it that way, the hard drive external case is the best idea though, you can get them from many online pc stores in oz, so you shouldnt have a prob finding them anywhere else...

    good luck getting the lappy going (or getting ya data) if worst comes to worst, you could always take it to a pc shop and they would be able to get the data off for you im sure

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