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Thread: Fading In and Out

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    Fading In and Out

    Aight guys, I am writing this thread with alot of alcohol in my system. I just want to say how much I like this thread and how all computers should come with cooled beer can holders. So you don't spill your brew. Any, I want to get some more alcohol. So guys, yah, you all rule. Party on 12 hours straight and I am about to pass out.

    Just trying to bring alittle love to this forum.


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    Actually I have hooked up one of those cups/holders that they hook onto bikes except I hooked it onto a PC once before. You know what im talking about right? You can also just use the other cup holder which is built inside your box...

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    Re: Hummm...

    Originally posted here by |The|Specialist

    You can also just use the other cup holder which is built inside your box...
    Please can you redesign this. The timing seems to be out. As I have a dual system, both holders operate at the same time, and as I would like to have different drinks available, this is most inconvenient, or will I have to call out an engineer to reposition these holders. Will this be expensive?, or can I buy a new set to suit my needs. Your help with this would be appreciated.

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    Umm it only opens my Cd Burner.
    I need holders for the following as well.
    DVD Rom
    DVD burner.

    It just won't fit Captain.

    All well i guess i shall have to bring out my Hacker Tools.

    Me walks out to back shed, and finds Hammer in the mess.
    I then walk back inside and i raise hammer high above my head and then i swing it down onto the computer.
    Bits and pieces start to fly every were and i'm starting to sweat from all the hard work.
    After Hacking my computer for a few minutes i stop, realisin that i've made the program work.
    I have now officially got enough Beer bottle holders.
    I throw the Hacking Tool into the draw and sit back down and let out a sigh of relief..
    I then crack open a Fresh Bottle and calmly place it onto the Beer Holder..
    After a few minutes the Beer holder suddenly closes and i watch in Horror as the Bottle spills it's contents everywere,
    I look shocked and after a few minutes i snap back to reality and realise that my precious Beer is gone.
    I feel a Tear slowly leak from my eyes, and then it happens i start to cry like a little Kid.

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    You are right, I forget the essential cup holder. However, it isn't packed with ice. However maybe if I....!@!@#$#$!^%.....##$....Um, nope, it isn't possible to cool the inside of your box with a bag of ice....After my electrical burns stop glowing I will once again respond....


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