Hi! I usually hate posting intros, but, here it goes...

I have been working on/in/around computers for about 20 years now...programming, hardware, etc. I just love computers, and can never seem to get away from 'em. That's why I left a job doing environmental geophysics. I'm now working doing tech support on ATM./Frame Relay networking equipment and have been saddled with supporting some IP devices (a fw and 2 routers) as well of late. Prior to working here, I was working with RAS and IP VPNs when they were the literal bleeding edge of technology.

In my spare time, I code in Java and C++ (Windoze and *nix), hang with my family, do triathlons, and turn wood. I've also started teaching myself ASM.

Because of a strong interest in network security, I've been lurking around AO for a couple of years now, and figured it's finally time to join.