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Thread: Hand-held PC, not Palms

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    Hand-held PC, not Palms

    [link] http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1103_2-509...=zdfd.newsfeed [/link]

    Originally announced in 2002, the MCC is a full-fledged Windows computer that measures 3 inches by 5 inches--about the size of a Palm handheld--and is about an inch thick.
    Small, and....
    The MCC will cost $3,970 and will come with a desktop cradle, a foldable keyboard, a sleeve for easier handheld and portable use, and a carrying case, among other features. It will largely be targeted at corporate buyers.
    expensive and...
    Antelope's computer contains a 1GHz Crusoe processor from Transmeta, 256MB of memory, and a 10GB or 15GB hard drive. It weighs 9.1 ounces.
    not to shabby on speed. I think this a new, positive advancement in technology. Although it is a bit expensive, I think computers will get smaller and smaller to allow for people to carry them anywhere they go. What do you think? Good? Not good? Oppions.

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    That is very expensive! Its really interesting watching these small computers take off. I finally bought a Pocket PC, (Viewsonic V35) and was very impressed. 300MHz in my pocket baby! Then there are tablet PC's, big, slow, and expensive. But this is something truely amazing! 1GHz proc in your pocket. Mmmmmm.

    $3,970, well, I wonder how many companies will be giving these out as an incentive to work harder! I'm sure the price will drop quickly, but its still too much in my opinion. Laptops are still, IMHO the best solution to corporate travellers since they offer speed, portability, and a nice big screen. (Avg size I've seen was 14.4" or so) Do I really want to do all my work on something less than a 3x5" screen? Absolutely not. Mind you, if it has the correct connectivity, I could see this as a tool for tech ppl who run workplace to workplace fixing computer problems. At least now you have something really small that you could potentially keep your tools and backups on. No more lugging them laptops around!

    I dunno, these are just my random thoughts. I just find them too expensive for what you get. Just my two cents...

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    This sounds a lot like This that I have been waiting to see what happens with for a while.....

    Thye said it was going to be $1000 originally.... Just "leapt" out of my price range....
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