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Thread: remote admin for xp

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    remote admin for xp

    Was wondering if anyone could help me in setting up a cpu as a client where I could adminster it from home, real new to the remote administration thing but I'm tired of having to format my sisters cpu all the time if you know what I meen. both machines would be running xp home, thanks

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    The first thing you could use is XP's built in Remote Assistance, a link to M$'s FAQ is here and a run through here

    Or you could use Real VNC.

    Either way, you only use them if there is already an operating system present, which means that if she completely messes it up you'll still have to get off your rear!! What you could do however, is make a boot partition for a networked version of DOS and then find a command line version of VNC or something like that (I'm pretty sure there isn't a Real VNC Command Line version, you'll have to hunt around a bit). This being a completely different OS, you can mess around/reinstall with your other one (i.e. XP).

    A completely different non GUI option would be to use a telnet server BUT I suggest you think long and hard about this, as there are many security risks, as with the others, which by the way you should make sure are completely secured/patched.

    Hope this helped
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    I'll make the assumtion that you want to be able to format the machine remotly, the answer is, you can't. Your best of making an Auto-format floppy and an install settings floppy for xp, that way, she puts in Floppy 1, it formatst, puts in floppy 2 and re-boots and then XP will auto install itself with the settings you set up (unless I'm thinking Linux) another way of doing it is to use Norton Ghost to ghost the hard drive once you'v made a perfect set up of the Hard drive, your sister should be able to install that..it's pretty much two button clicks unless you make a boot floppy for that too....

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    Try this....
    I use it...
    Real Good Security
    IP filtering....

    Not Made by Microsoft....
    Low cost to register...
    I have registered it several times myself

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    Or you could use Real VNC.
    There's also Tight VNC i personaly liked that program

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    Personally my favorite program for remote administering is Dameware nt utilities. Available at www.dameware.com . Though this program is restricted to win2k,win nt,win xp, and win 2003 srry linux and unix lovers.

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    i recommend to do a fresh install of win xp and install the programs that she needs get all the lates updates for all your software specialy win xp, and get Norton Ghost and create a CD image of here hard drive. So that every time that you or she has to format wouldn't have to download all the updates, just the ones that you didn't installed at the time of making the image. And it's really easy to restore the system with the images.

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    David: Let's look at the cause of the problem rather than how to fix the issue the problem causes.

    Presumably you need to keep reformatting her drive because, due to her surfing, IRC, AIM, email habits etc. she keep messing it up. You can go an awful long way to stop her messing it up with the use of free software.

    Search these forums for:-

    Free Anti Virus
    Free Firewall

    and you will come up with a host of links to free software that will prevent much of what she manages to do to herself. Download those you want to use and cut them to CD. Reformat and reinstall her system. Do not connect it to the internet. Use the CD to install the firewall and anything else. Connect to the internet and fully patch the machine. Turn on auto-updates of the OS and the virus checker and then Ghost the drive.

    That way it should be a longer period between reformats and the reinstall will be a whole lot easier.....
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