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Thread: Iran's banking system hit by first ever electronic robbery

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    Iran's banking system hit by first ever electronic robbery


    An Iranian hacker has managed to rob a local bank of some 700 million rials (83,000 dollars) in the first reported case of a bank in Iran being robbed by computer, press reports said Sunday.

    The Shargh newspaper said the bank was accessed by a hacker who managed to credit his or her account and then withdraw the money at ATM machines which have only recently been introduced in the country.

    The bank was not identified, but last week the Iranian media reported that Bank Melli -- the country's oldest bank -- had been experiencing some problems with electronic cash dispensers.

    Automated Telling Machines, or ATMs, have only begun to appear in Iran in recent years. But for most clients, a visit to a bank normally requires patiently sifting their way through a bundle of paperwork and several layers of bureaucracy.

    The Shargh newspaper said the thief was still at large, but gave no further details.
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    That sounds rather odd?

    The maximum I can get out of an ATM is 300 per day (about $500)
    OK I could go and make purchases in supermarkets and get "cashback", but I still would not get more than $1000 per day? And I have one hell of a lot more than $83000 in the bank.

    Seems like a "machine error" (bloody stupid human being) to me

    What is it like in your country folks?


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    I don't use a standard bank card, but an electronic funds transfer card, and I don't know if I have any limit on it. The most I have taken out at one time is $1000 US, but even then I had to use two consectutive withdrawls, as it would not allow me to take over $500 on one transaction.
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    I don't think the guy attacked the atm's in one day.. And I think the daily card limit may be a bit higher than our AUD1000.. i otherwise it would have taken a few weeks to grab his cash

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