I recently built and configured a new student machine at a local college. The moment it went online to the schools network, NAV and Norton Firewall came up with massive infection and attacks, of which 3 were successful. The one major one was the Trojan.ByteVerifiy trojan. I quickly unpluged the computer and conntacted the schools IT department and informed them of the attacks. I was able to log the IP addreses of the attackers and forwarded them to the IT people. I also did my own research and found out that the IP addresses were the college IP addresses. I conntacted the IT department again and informed them of my discovery. They ASSURED me that the infection was not in the schools network and the attack was launched from outside the school. This was a month ago. I tried the other day and the same attacks and trojans are still present and the schools still says that there is nothing harmfull on the schools network. Now, being a tech. certified in A+, Network+, Security+, I know there is more the school can do, provided they listen. Anyone have any ideas on what to do. The only access I can get is the same access a student gets, so launching virus scans from my secure machine is out of the question. Any help is great.