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    Log in when already logged in

    I didn't know how to title this thread, so here's the scenario. I log on to AO on one of my computers. Then I log in on a different one. Next I log off on the second computer and go to the first computer, and when I try to do something with member priviledges it asks me to log in. So when I log off the second computer it thinks I'm totally offline, when in fact I'm still logged in on the first. I'm behind a router so it looks like the same IP no matter which computer I use within my network. Just thought I'd share.

    p.s. I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but I had no clue what words to use in my search. You can probably tell that by the title I picked.

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    well, i dont think that AO does it by IP address, i think that one logout command logs them all instances of "h3r3tic" off the AO server...just my $.02 cents...

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