Hey all, I was looking into buying a new router some time, probably something wireless. I don't want to spend very much money, something no more than $200 CAN would be nice! Um, right now I have an SMC Barricade 7004ABR and I don't like it much anymore. Besides, I want to hook up my new PS2 online but my parents don't like the idea of running Cat5 cable across the basement.

Basically, I would like a wireless router with a very good firewall and access control, and good logging features. My SMC doesn't log near enough for me to like. I just like to know whats goin through the network, thats all! I know Linksys is popular, but I was wondering if anyone here has some good choices? I currently run two computers (one with WinME and the other my trusty SuSE 8.2 Pro box). Its a high speed ADSL connection. Even something with filtering may be nice too, since my little sister is getting to the point where she may start to browse the net herself, I don't want her seeing some peoples version of 'freedom of expression.' But that is no big deal since I can get filtering software. I'm just concerned with security and logging mainly.

Thanks a bunch ahead of time!