Last year I missed out on making the Happy Halloween thread and I thought it was bullshit because well, who the hell else here do you think deserves too make the Halloween thread more than me? I mean come on, I'm gore damn it.

Now, howabout some history? If you click on my profile and read that I have a long intro about the history of Halloween and it's origins. Now that we have a thread, howabout you all reply with what your doing this Halloween and maybe some **** youv experianced on Halloween?

This Halloween, which I planned out LAST Halloween night with my cousin, Im getting up early from my cousin coming over and pounding no the door untill I crawl out of bed and let him in, then we are going to plan out a CD.

I have a CD of my own music but it's mostly just techno I made. This CD is going to be like an actual band CD. My cousin is going to be doing guitar and some vocals, and I am going to do bass, keyboards, drums, and vocala.

We are going to do a few cover songs, some of The Doors, The Misfits, House fo the rising sun, a few others, and then music WE are making. Also I'm going to have samples from movies and stuff in it.

And also, the CD is going to be written, recorded, and mixed all on alloween day. Should be fun. also were going to watchhorror movies most of the da. I have 109 horror movies I own and we are going to watch those, then get dressed up and go out, and then finish the CD and watch more horror movies.

Anyway, howabout you all?

Intmon, if you read this, howabout as a Halloween present you fix the pumpkin smilie?