Me, well, I'm gonna go to school to start. Then I will go to my sisters house and set up her internet for her. Then I'm gonna go jam with my band. Yeah... we are gonna crank it up soooo loud the whole block is gonna hear our music writing skills! Mmmm, we gonna play so loud the kids will literally run away shaking! :P Yeah. Then eat lots of candy. (Should be lots since kids won't be able to get near the house without going deaf) and party like crazy rock band ppl. Hmmm, I may just rent another 2x12 extention and make me a 4x12 mini-stack just to get things a little louder... yeah... mmmmmmusic.... loud music.... mmmm.... lol. We will probably record some stuff too, since we like having demo tapes on hand, as they come in handy. (Get it, in 'hand', 'handy' oh I 'crack' myself up, and no, I'm not on 'crack', get it? LOL, k, I will stop) We jammed last year too, though with little amps, until we all upgraded. So yeah, I'm gonna be playin me guitar and go deaf.