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    Okay I will follow.

    "In Recent reports, Gator won the recent suit...They will no longer be called 'spy-ware'. Companies will now call the product by its rightful name: 'Secretely Installed Program That Exploits Windows Messanger Holes And Sends Users Annoying Pop-up Pro version 3.5.'"
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    sorry nihil i really didn't see the smiley. when i see that kind of talk i just see red! my appolagies!

    i think its really screwed up that the point the courts are arguing is if gator has the right to pop-up ads on other biz's pages:

    ( http://news.com.com/2100-1024-102279...t=dtx&tag=ntop )

    what about my right to choose what software goes on my computer? if they were acting of and for the people there wouldn't be anything to debate

    and ok so gato is not "spy-ware". it still sucks. No where visable on their vectors discription of its product is their ad-ware discribed. and even in the eula nothing indicates
    how browsing the internet will become a major frustration, to the average user, because of it.

    i think that the people in politics had better start getting on OUR side if they want to keep their jobs...payoffs stop coming when your no longer in office.
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    Originally posted here by nihil
    I would expect to see the principals (those employing the adware company) getting sued for loss of profits, consequential damages and the rest.
    If memory serves, they were sued, and won...the courts decided that they were within their rights to deface web pages/use pop-ups/unders like they do. I'll look for references if requested...

    what annoys me the most about Gator and others (at least you're warned about Gator and WeatherCast if you actually read the EULA) is that I've removed the software and had them left behind...go to the Gator removal tool to find the crudware that Gator is attached to, and there is none...yet Gator is still there and functioning. And, just this past weekend I removed about 25 reg hooks from several spyware progs that I supposedly removed months ago.

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    Hi trigeek,

    thanks for your comments and yes (if it is not too much trouble) I would like a link or two ....being over here I do not really know where to look, even though I DO know how to use a search engine It is of great interest to me, as we are all going to have to come together in international law, to make the internet safe?

    I think I will sue gator under European Law................I think they would settle, and I could take all AO members for a glorious drink up in the Bahamas?

    Sooner or later our brane dead politicians (I have a "brain" personally) are going to realise that the "fat brown envelope" days are over?..............and I do not mean that the stationery has changed


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    A prime example of this gatorware is DivX (the video player) if you go to DivX.com and download their "free" player you are forever plagued with pop-ups. However, you do consent to letting it be installed on your comp. The bad thing is, it is damn near impossible to get rid of. Ugghhh...anyway I too wonder how much money these companies make off of allowing Gator with their freeware.


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    Spyware, adaware, etc is anathma. I don't give a S**t what the courts say on this subject. This crap uses your bandwidth, i have seen a friends pc reduced to a snails pace because of this stuff and he only had two pieces of adaware on his system, weatherbug and gator.

    Both are right bastards to remove manualy. I think it should be ilegal to make any piece of software that has not got an uninstaller or that doesn't support uninstall within the opperating system.

    Just mt opinion.
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