I was just reading an article that the big security firm Symantec held info about a big cyberthreat for hours after spotting it.
The threat is the Slammer worm that did quite a lot of damage in January.
Symantec being the nice people they are "Shared the information only with "SELECT CUSTOMERS" [ which of course means people with lots of money,, ooh guess that leaves us out, but oh well], while the rest of use were of course being bombarded by Slammer.
What does Symantec do next they boast about how they had discovered the worm way ahead of time,, then delivered timely alerts and procedures to DeepSight users. Which that would be us oh I forgot we dont have a subscription to DeepSight.
Of course this made many people very angry.
Really shows you how most companies think about money first and then the customers.
I was wondering what people think of this ...
To read the whole story go to the following link below:


After reading this I think that I might just change my AV software.