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Thread: Spyware Activity: Stay protected

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    Spyware Activity: Stay protected


    There seems to have been quite a busy period for spyware authorship of late.

    There have been a number of updates to Ad-aware 6.0 recently the latest is today (27th. October) You can get these by using its built-in update facility.

    SpywareBlaster has now gone to v2.6.1 and can be obtained from:


    If you go to the javacool site, don't bother with mirror site3, it has run out of bandwidth.

    After the download run the update, as there are two since its release! Over 100 items have been added.

    Note: This is a new release, so you cannot update it through the internal update facility.

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    Theres keylogger hunter

    -spybot Doesnt make much updates, but when it does, it covers alot of spyware definitions, ad-aware is updated frequently but doesnt cover as much as definitions as spybot does for each update.

    You might want to check some of the products at spychecker.com

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