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Thread: Pork Swordsman

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    Pork Swordsman

    A Farmer, whose crops are doing poorly, decides to get into keeping pigs.
    He goes to the auctions and buys some males and females so they can breed.
    The Farmer asks the seller how to go about it and is told they generally look after themselves,
    and he'd know that the females were pregnant if they rolled in the grass instead of the mud.
    The farmer takes them home but after some time, no pigs are rolling in the grass. He returns to the seller and asks why they aren't conceiving.
    The seller suggests the boy pigs might be a bit "That Way", and that the farmer will have to service the females himself.
    Well, that didn't go down too well, but the farmer reluctantly agrees, seeing as how he's spent so much money on buying them.
    He gathers the female pigs up in the ute, goes up to the bush and services them all.
    The next day he asks he's wife to look out the window and see if any females were rolling in the grass. She says no.
    Dissapointed , he loads the pigs into the ute again, takes them up the bush and services them again.
    Next day his wife confirms that none are rolling in the grass, so it was back up the bush.
    This goes on for a week with no results and on the seventh day the farmer, who's too buggered to get out of bed, asks again if any female pigs were rolling in the grass.
    "No", says his wife, who's looking out the window.
    "They're all in the Ute and one of them's Honking the horn".


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    That's a good one man.......
    I thought you'd run outta jokes my friend.
    But you've come back with a funniest joke i heard for awhile.


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    Thanks cyru5, so when are the jokes gonna be back up in your site????
    I've been waiting for awhile now.
    But each time i go to check it out, the link don't work..


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    LOL, that was a classic. Looking forward to some more

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