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Thread: California Wins Anti-Spam

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    California Wins Anti-Spam

    Here's the article: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...pam_lawsuit_dc

    I think this is a big step forward in anti-spam without obliterating 1st Amendmant(spelling) rights.

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    No if we could only get anti-spam laws passed nationwide, like the do-not-call registry.

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    Cool Great

    Great, it about time someone has done something about it !

    No more of that, would you like to add an extra inch to your 'you know what' emails.


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    I have been following this issue very closely, glad to see that California has Terminated keke the Spammers.........for now.

    I might be mistaken but I recall recentley the company that originated POP UP ads went bankrupt. These are all good signs. Yet they will always find a way to get to us. hehehe Climb the wall bastards! lol


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