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Thread: a video kindish prob

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    a video kindish prob

    Im capturing video from my VCR throught Ulead Video Capture 7.0 watever.

    29.6 fps
    I do it uncompressed
    and normal audio quality level.
    and do capure for about 2 1/2 hrs.

    Here's the prob.
    When i finish capturing it drops like 1/2 of about 859864 frams
    and makes the audio not catch up to the video
    audio is not cating up to the video another words its not connected.
    Video is faster than audio ti has to be together.

    plus my CPU gets up really high at about 99 or 98 % used so its busy at its max.

    @ 2.4 Ghz pentium 4
    nice 128 mb video card
    a playTv Pro tuner
    560 gigs of hard drive space
    1,000 mb ram (not kidding)

    PLEAZE help.
    I'll be very happy
    Daniil Usachev

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    Try adjusting the Recording Level, i found that when i was recording that sorta stuff i needed to adjust with all the settings just to get it near perfect.

    But i could be wrong, and i'm sure that there might be somone here that would be able to give you a more informative answer.
    And also have you tried searching Google..?
    Or did you get a manual for this percific program, read it maybe it might shed some light onto your problem..


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    Sweet F*%& you have 560 gigs on your main com!!! what kinda pirating are you doing? Anyways, you want to use some differant tools and what not. Give me a PM with exactly what you are doing and I will lend you a hand.

    And if you want to do it yourself:
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