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Thread: ftp

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    hmm...I'm sry ,i'm not able to recommend a product...
    you have to try some products by yaself:
    @Lansing_Banda : it's no problem to setup an apache with a dynamic dns...as long as you don't want to use "Virtual Hosts".
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    win2kpro and XPpro come with an ftp server
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    Originally posted here by johnhermie

    I just setup a Windows FTP server using a opensourge FTP server called Filezilla, a great product, and its been working since. It's Free. You can download that from http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla, it also has a great FTP client
    Take off the comma at the end of the link, its giving an invalid page error. Thanks for the link though... I might check this out for my server.
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    instronics posted that webattack link...I would checkout Encrypted FTP, it looks pretty secure/fun to play with. I would take at look at it myself, but I'm running linux
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    thanks for the site

    Thank u for the site info.

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    WS FTP is a free version for students and other ppl.

    You can download it for free from download.com At that link. I have only used it once and it seemed like a pretty good ftp program.

    Some others to try
    Bulletproof (aka: G6)

    Hope this helps and if you need a client I really like
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