In the last little while I have been receiving a several different emails for two different targets. These emails seem to be very suspicious because they are from people who I don't know, but have legitimate email addresses, and always contain strange attachments (either .scr, .exe, .html, etc.).

This is really starting to annoy me beacsue all of these emails are over 100k and are filling up my hotmail account. I know you can block a single email address with hotmail, but is it not the resposibility of the network admin to block obvious virus related attachments such as .scr and .exe? Am I completely helpless against these attacks or can you take further action to ensure that these types of email attachments are blocked at their source?

Also, I know that in some cases the email addresses are spoofed, and I have checked the headers and they are coming from this server. Can they be held accountable if someone is spoofing email on their server (I know its not easy to stop)?

Thanks for any info!