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Thread: Linux 9.0 and 802.11

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    Linux 9.0 and 802.11

    Ive recently dl all three redhat 9.0 ISO discs and I put the first one in the drive and reboot the comp. I press F8 and enter the boot setup screen. I then proceed to boot from CD ROM and expect to see the Red Hat config screen but instead it just boots windoze????

    Any suggestions? PS I dl it from the official site,"!386 disc 1,2,and3", I use XP Home

    My other questions is going to touch on wireless. Is there any device or way I can pick up my wireless signals without having access and see if my WEP encyption is actually working. I want to use the method somone else would use if they were in my wireless signals proximity.
    And see the encrypted data. This might be a redundant question but I know someone with a labtop comp and a wireless PCMIA card could pick up the signal and all but, if I have passwords enabled on my router they shouldnt get far...........right?? Inform me plz
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    I'm not well versed on wireless technology so I will leave that to someone else. As far as the booting into the RH 9.0 boot script, a couple questions need to be asked.

    First, are you sure that your computer supports booting of a CD-Rom.

    Second, when you enter your BIOS to change your boot order, are you sure that you are saving your changes. If you just exit with out saving changes, this will have no affect on your boot order.

    Third, are you sure that the CD's Burned correctly. Trying placing the CD is one of your friends or family's computers and see if that computer will boot from the CD. If it can you then know the CD is ok, and can work backwards from there.

    Fourth, if you have multiple drives, say Cd-burner, and a dvd-rom, It might be that only the device that is on the primary channel can be booted from. Try placing the CD in another drive and see if it works.

    If you try all these things, and still nothing works, but the CD works in another computer then come back to us, and we'll see what we can do

    Good Luck


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