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    ZoneAlarm users take a look at this you wont be dissappointed ...

    Have you ever tried to make sense of the logs that Zone Alarm has ?? Well I have and sometimes I wished that they had more info to offer. Well click the Link below:


    From Visual Zone's Hompage

    quote: VisualZone is an intrusion analyser and report utility for ZoneAlarm, ZoneAlarm Plus and ZoneAlarm Pro. It displays a clear overview of all intrusion attempts and allows you to analyse the information in lots of different ways. VisualZone can perform a backtrace to try to find even more information about the intruder. You can even automate the process so that a backtrace is performed automatically when new attacks are detected. VisualZone can also submit intrusion attempts to DShield for further analysis.
    Please check the list of key features below for a shortlist of the most important functions of VisualZone.
    Whether simply trying to find out more or wanting to dig deeper inside the hackers mind, VisualZone is the right tool for the job. And it doesn't require any technical knowledge to get the job done.
    And best of all, VisualZone is absolutely FREE !

    Look at that the program is absolutely FREE..

    There's also a free program for people who use Black Ice Defender.. The program is called VisualIce if I am correct. Click the link below for it ....


    I hope that you guys liked the following links ...
    Operation Cyberslam
    \"I\'ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.\" Author Unknown
    Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit
    Proyecto Ututo EarthCam

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    I have been using it for a couple of years now. It is a complement to ZoneAlarm that makes ZA "more professional"

    On the other hand, for non-literates, just set ZA on high security and it is one hell of a lot better than them having nothing?

    For those who do not like ZA...add this and have a look.


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